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Eric Reeder is ERa, an international full service architecture design practice providing custom design solutions. With influence from Eastern and Western cultures, ERa designs spaces for living and working.

​Founder Eric Reeder is a licensed California architect, educated on the US west coast. He brings professional, diversified, and higher education experience to the creative process. For nearly a decade he practiced in Seoul, South Korea and is now based in San Francisco, California. His work has received international recognition having been exhibited in the UK, China, South Korea and throughout the US.



ERa was established from a broad record of diverse project types. Today, residential and commercial are at the core of the practice. How we live and work in modern society touches many aspects of our lives. ERa strives to understand what is unique to each place and client. We listen and collaborate for a rewarding outcome.

We live in a time when adaptation matters. Our built and natural environments are critically important. ERa creates responsible design strategies integrating and adapting the built and natural world. We seek to understand questions to complex problems around us for informed design approaches. Architecture is more than a sum of parts, much more than style. ERa believes architecture should be integral with environment and society.

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