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Gwangyo APT.

suwon south korea


This project organized a master plan of over 2000 apartment units south of Seoul in the fast growing satellite city of Suwon. Residential suburbs have exploded beyond Seoul’s 25 central urban districts. Today high density housing demands have expanded outward and vacant lands are being developed to accommodate new dwelling options


The formula for high rise apartments in Korea is basically standardized and our approach questioned both the layout of such extensive areas, as well as the design of individual buildings and dwelling units. The towers are stacked over parking levels for approximately 4000 vehicles, all underground. At ground level an extensive park of trails and recreational zones provide residents usable outdoor space and connection to nearby waterways 

Gwangyo is a mini-city itself, with housing provisions for as many as 10,000 inhabitants


site area  127,000 m2 / 1.3 million sf / 31 acres

build out area 420,495 m2 / 4.526 million sf



Eric Reeder Architect

hANd/ Junsung Kim 

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