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bamiyan, afghanistan


This project was submitted for a UNESCO sponsored international design competition promoting the cultural heritage of a unique region in central Afghanistan. Know for its centuries old carved cliffs, Bamiyan represents a cultural mecca in a deeply conservative region. A regional desire to promote spiritual and encourage cultural exchange to be realized with a new cultural center. Programs including a museum of antiquities, theater, classrooms and outdoor recreational space, promote the diverse cultural ideology and new vision in bringing the village of Bamiyan together 

Our proposal considered the local value of reusing existing landscape as building material. The site extends across a plateau ridge. In bridging the irregular terrain we proposed an excavation (cut) and linking (fill) of compacted earth stitching the site together. Massive site walls serve as retainers for the extensive program. All proposed materials are to be locally procured in the construction of the building 



Eric Reeder

Yoojin Kim + Dowon Kim assistants

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