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seoul, south korea


The question of what to do with aging apartments in South Korea is a foregone conclusion… or is it? This competition entry for d3 Housing Tomorrow, reconsiders the typical demolition and reconstruction of existing apartment blocks in Seoul merging with river wetlands and migratory routes within the Han River corridor 

The project proposes preserving aging apartment blocks in Seoul, as adaptive integration between river and residential blocks slated for demolition. The repurposed sites acknowledge the river as a vital biome for aviary migrations. Grounds of the apartments are converted to wetland habitat, integrating dwelling for diverse incomes as well as providing a river sanctuary 


D3 competition jury commendation for special exhibition, Houston, TX

ASCA selection for exhibit and award for professional works

Invited exhibitions in Seoul, South Korea and Beijing, CN



Eric Reeder Architect

Seunghee Song + Suengwon Jo

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