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baekrok temple south korea


The arrangement of garden rest space is organized around units of 1.5 meters square, a traditional dimension of domestic architecture in South Korea. An area that first embodied a comfortable reference with respect to scale and proportion of the human body.

The site specific installation incorporates earthen form works and an existing cluster of traditional clay pots used in the fermentation process of cultivated fruits and vegetables. The cubic forms were built of compacted soil (rammed earth technique) without the aid of reinforcement. Each one precisely tamped in wooden forms.

The future of the arrangement remains in the hands of the environment, as weathering and erosion are anticipated to reshape its reading and intended use as a place of repose for buddhist monk gardeners.


site area  40.5 m2 / 2.5 tons of compacted soil

Invited  artists international exhibition



Eric Reeder

GSAKU Graduate Students

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