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san francisco, ca.


WATERWORKS was presented to ELEVEN Magazine for an international ideas competition. Our proposal promotes an essential micro-infrastructure, determined by specific conditions of block-by-block functional need in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. We believe the Tenderloin’s rebirth takes shape one intersection at a time. Each block in the Tenderloin is unique with activity, a diverse public narrative from which to respond. Stores, restaurants, galleries, social service centers, bars, food banks, residential units, and hotels are some of the many places that comprise this vibrant area


WATERWORKS establishes complimentary resource to these programs, while providing public outlet of interactive opportunity for the neighborhood. WATERWORKS expects to establish a new collective system where the residents participate to maintain local identity and provisional benefit.  Public street baths and fountains (at one intersection) are a magnate for social interaction. The promotion of public space with social infrastructures is a welcomed interruption

Awarded honorable mention by ELEVEN Magazine 


Eric Reeder

Studio Director


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